The Big Picture

2hWealthcare is an independent financial adviser, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We offer a bespoke and fully integrated approach to your financial planning that always considers the Big Picture.



• A thorough appraisal of your financial position

• Intelligent and practical advice

• Comprehensive and fully integrated financial planning for the long term

• Ongoing review and analysis

• Complete financial peace of mind



Integrated financial

planning and

tax expertise:

At your disposal is a team of experts with a 360-degree view of the market, your financial position and your goals. Tax considerations are pivotal to our financial planning, because if we can reduce your liability to tax, we can lower the investment risk you need to take to achieve your goals.


Planning for the

Sheltering earnings from tax through a pension scheme has been made even more attractive through the 2014 Budget - and it has major implications for how you access your capital in retirement.


We explain how to maximise tax-efficient income in retirement for you while maintaining important tax benefits for estate planning purposes in the event of your death. And if you have maximised your lifetime allowance, there are genuine alternatives available so you can continue to accumulate pension provision in a tax-effective manner.

Long-term Planning

Putting your

mind at ease

For many of our older clients, financial planning is about striking the right balance between income in retirement, provision for possible long-term care needs and estate planning to benefit close family and future generations.


We have the experience, the skills and the necessary qualifications to ensure we can consider all the options for you to meet your objectives.



Savings & Investments
Sound approach to

managing wealth


Investment risk should not be confused with investment volatility.  It is important to identify the genuine threats to your wealth and what steps you can take to protect it in real terms.


Our ideas are based upon an understanding of the financial system and what drives markets.  Asset allocation is therefore critical, so too is the selection of fund managers who can demonstrate proven and consistent success.

We call our approach ‘Sound Money’ and we’ll happily explain it in depth to you.




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